Oh yeah the AM's!

These guys were awesome, to say the least, and skated like bats outta hell. I apologize I wasn't there long enough to shoot everybody, and didn't do my homework on names, but here you are. If you recognize yourself, let me know!

(Click thumbnails for enlargements then use your browser's "back" button or you will get lost and I'll have to come get you.)

AM 1

AM 2

AM 3

AM 4

AM 5

AM 6

AM 7

AM 8

Contest Results

Sponsored AM
1. Corey Ryan — Skate Works Skateshop
2. Joe Hutchison — Sessions, Trust Skateboards
3. Johnny Mannic — Circle A Skateshop

16 And Over Novice
1. Micha Szucke
2. Sam Hardin
3. Wez Chees

15 And Under Novice
1. Corey Snyder
2. Anthony Barnes
3. Stephen Machada

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