Vans Skatepark Rocks by Davino Salas
Come peep it out!

Hey skater dudes and skater chicks name's Davino. I'm writing this article to get skaters to check out the Vans Skatepark in Milpitas CA. Well if you haven't been to this skatepark or ever been to a skatepark that's OK there's always a first for everything right? Well I'm just going to tell u bout my first time at the Vans skatepark and hope that it motivates some of you to go check it out.

This was my first time at a skatepark, so on the drive over there I was so stoked out. I couldn't keep still, shoot I was going crazy. My friend told me it's just a skatepark, "Obviously he doesn't skate." I said "Bro" just a skate park "Bro" this is 60,000 sq. ft. of skatepark. Come on u got to be a little stoked? Shoot I had goose bumps I was little nervous my first skatepark, didn't know what to think or what people where going to think of me. While walking to the skatepark as I got closer all I could hear were trucks clinking, wheels screeching and spectators yelling in awe at other skaters busting their tricks.

This was the coolest place I have ever been to but that's me you got to check it for yourself. Finally I made it to the entrance as I looked up I saw VANS SKATEPARK, dude I was in heaven! I took a moment of silence just to check out the park and thought to myself "hell ya, we got a skatepark, finally a place for skateboarders to unite as one to have fun." It was a dream come true, A skatepark in the Bay Area. Well I ran through the doors to the fence and two words came to mind "MAN BRO." It was awesome there were rails, two sweet pools, ramps, ledges, hips, and much more you name it they got it ohh ya and vert ramps too. I was already planning my run and I wasn't even skaten yet. There were "hella" skaters there. I just wish I could have skated that day, I didn't take no pads or helmet and I didn't have money to get in.

Well while watching the skaters I looked around and I saw the coolest thing there were old school skaters keepen it real showing the some new skateboarders how to ride the pools, and new skaters doing the same showing the old skoolers some new tricks. It was tight to see two different generations of skaters skating at the same time helping each other out. But what blew me away was I saw some girl skaters. I thought that was great to see girls and guys skating together. Let me just say some of those girls were tearin that park up. I was just breathless to see all this happening in one place. Remember girl skaters it's your park too!Šmake some of those girl skater haters out there look stupid. HAHAHAHA

Well skaters I hope this little experience gets you thinking bout going to the park. There's something for everyone no matter if u like street or vert its there so come on down and skate Vans Skatepark. I know you will have fun; just bring some friends or come alone if u do don't worry, you'll make friends were all skaters just there having fun. So if your looken to have some fun and meet new skaters visit us here in Milpitas, California at the VANS SKATEPARK. If you want to go skate the park or looking for someone to skate with let me know or even just to talk about your skating experiences I'd love to hear them, so e-mail me, I'm always down to skate. For info or directions visit and remember "GO SKATE AND HAVE FUN." Just get out to Vans and u might see me there skaten. Later Skaters!

Davino Salas aka DJ

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