Where are we now?


Trippin with Elissa (cont.)

We wandered around the trade show taking in all the sights and action. I tried to hook up with my pals at Consolidated and Supernaut but they seemed to be out to lunch (or something like that).

I was hoping to run into some of the Pros I use to work with, Willy Santos and Andrew Reynolds to be specific, to no avail. I did run into my bud SAD outside being a bad boy.

We kept looking for the Tumyeto booth, and Elissa said she'd take us to it soon. We're like, huh? Where the hell is it? We've been circling this damn place and nobody has found it. She said, "it's here."

She needed to fulfill her obligation to signing autographs at the Etnies booth, and be seen in general. Then she would show us the Tumyeto booth.

Elissa and the Etnies AM Team

A few dudes she was delighted to be seen with were the Etnies AM team. She told me when Cheryl and I returned after her autograph session that she got Shane Sheckler's autograph. I'm going, um OK (who the hell is he)? She said he was one of the best skater's she's ever seen. He's far right in the pic on the right!

Finally, we tore Elissa away from the long lines of fans wanting her autograph. She said "let's do this." We followed her out the back of the building going huh? She said "follow me." We wind up outside down at the at the harbor, up against a locked gate and a very large Security dude.

The Booth—Shipload of Tumyeto Ghettoians

He asked if we had an appointment. Elissa said she was a pro for Toy Machine. He laughed. But at her insistence, someone important came up and confirmed, yes, this tiny woman was in fact one of their professional skateboarders. He let us in quick! We were greeted by Captain Tod, who welcomed us aboard "THE BOOTH!" Alright, right on, Mr. Swank, pretty friggen cool!

This was quite an impressive yacht, completely stocked with a full bar, food, and plenty of pros. The bartender set me up with the best tasting Heinie I ever had. John thought he died and went to teenage alcoholic heaven!

We stuck around only for one drink, and opted not to go out on the cruise. I guess we were afraid the Minnow would be lost! Can you imagine being stuck on a desert island with all those Tumyeto Ghetto hoodlums!

Ed & Deanna Templeton and daughter Elissa


We disembarked ship and walked back to the main building to watch the demo, past the security guard who was very nice to us this time, and actually took care of our beer bottles, and whatever other garbage we needed to get rid of.

At the demo upstairs, some chick with security doubted my Alex Chalmers identity and told me I couldn't take pictures. How dare she not give such an important pro his/her freedom! After all, wasn't there some emo serial TV drama with a chick named Alex? humph! I hate security chicks. I get along with the men ones much better.






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